To craft, or not to craft. As if I had a choice…

So here goes nothing.  My creative expression requires outlet.  Until now, this ‘outlet’ has consisted of near-random ideas half-assed and thrown together in a night or two of disorganized but motivated crafting.  From leather tooling and construction to breaking out the ol’ Kenmore sewing machine, I have managed to make more than a mess or six in the living room.  Luckily for me, I have an incredibly patient and artistic wife that allows these “craftnados” to ravage the normally orderly appearance of our living room floor with little complaint.

This year I will attempt to direct my creative energy in this here blog format.  The point of which, for me, will be so that I can access my past projects and rate their success throughout the year.  It is decidedly more efficient than tearing through one of 3 closets solely dedicated to the entombment of finished projects.

Your interest and/or support can be expressed through the comments section, which I assuredly welcome wholeheartedly. Feel free to compliment, critique, or outright shred my successes and failures.  Knowing you took the time to even take a peek will surely fuel the creative flames of my passions, so for that I thank you in advance.


Published by

Jim Tillmans

Marine Corps Veteran, Crafter, Life liver, Husband, Father, and adventurer.

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